SB-abvThe Paicines AVA (American Viticultural Area) in San Benito County is a hidden gemstone in the world of wine. Although not the most commonly known, it is the seventh oldest of more than 120 distinct AVAs in California, and produces unique varietals and award winning wines of exquisite quality.

Paicines sits directly east of Monterey County, just on the eastern flank of the Gavilan Mountains. San Benito County is home to four highly-recognized AVAs: Cienega Valley, Lime Kiln Valley, Mt. Harlan, and Paicines. The region also includes two other AVAs, Chalone and Pacheco Pass.

Puma Road grows nearly 1,000 acres of vines in the Paicines AVA. Our estate Pedregal de Paicines Vineyard is the perfect environment for our renowned Bordeaux varietals. The soils and climate of this area are similar to certain areas of the Mediterranian: mineral-rich and generally semi-arid. The dry heat of Paicines creates big, bold wines with hints of spice and minerality from the abundance of quartz in the soil.


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