Monterey County

montereyMonterey County is one of the most exquisite wine regions in the nation. Golden, rolling hills meet the world renowned coastline of Monterey Bay. Hundred year old oak trees are scattered throughout meadows and ranches. Mornings are welcomed with light ocean breezes and nights begin after breath-taking sun sets. But not only is the Monterey County terrain enough to make any person awestruck, it is also blessed with extremely fertile soil.

The area has ideal conditions for growing grapes. The soil, what local farmers call “black gold”, holds essential nutrients and water to support large varieties of crops, fruits, and vines. As a result, Monterey County has developed into an area with abundant wineries. It is classified as Region I and II climates. These climates and soil conditions merge to support arguably one of the most prestigious grape growing regions in the nation.

Region I micro-climate is perfect for Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. They obtain maximum sunlight, allowing the grapes to grow to their upmost potential. Region II micro-climate is found in the southern sections of Monterey County. Since the terrain has numerous canyons, winds stream through the area, cooling the vines and obtaining a moderate temperature; Region II areas do not experience extreme heat waves. As a result, the grapes are able to slowly develop and ripen. Gewürztraminer and Riesling grow particularly well in these conditions.

One of the greatest characteristics about Monterey County is its location. Located in the middle of the state, the area is less than 100 miles south of San Francisco, 30 miles away from Santa Cruz, and 60 miles north of San Luis Obispo. It is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Not only does Monterey County offer exclusive wines, but it’s also home to gorgeous beaches, pristine golf courses and incredible scenery.

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